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[14 Feb 2007|02:02am]
Hey everyone -

2AM and finally getting around to putting the final touches on everything. Not much to say this month - but a new podcast is here! new cute stuff! blah blah blah! exciting!

I'm working on some really cool DIY pages, articles, and a new section - BOOK REVIEWS! I'm also hoping to start selling my original art on the page. Hopefully, it'll go well! I mean, I did go to freakin' art school for four years, i'd hope I'd be semi decent.

Anyway, totally off subject, but i've cleaned out my closet. This single girl is kind of hard up for cash, so I've decided to further dive into the onion life and start selling my clothes. So, please check out my ebay auctions. i've got some really nice stuff up for grabs:

Thanks everyone, happy February!
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[06 Jan 2007|04:00pm]
Hey everyone!

It has been a very long two months. A very long, frustrating, bashing-my-head-against-my-desk two months. So, what happend, you ask?

Originally, someone has went ahead and bought getupedina.com as a favor for me when I originally started the site. The domain name was never transferred over to me.

So flash forward to November 2006. The domain expires. I can't get ahold of this person. I wait and wait and wait. Register.com keeps telling me that I need this person to renew it and then transfer it over to my name before it gets deleted from their registry. The person wouldn't do this for some reason.

So, I wait. And wait. And wait. I wait for it to be released so I can snatch up the name and all is well in getupedina.com-land. It was supposed to be released on 12.16.06. I checked on midnight. Nothing. I checked at 3am. Not yet...I go to bed. Check it in the morning. Someone had bought it. They wanted $100,000 for getupedina.com.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Also, changing my domain name through my server was kind of a pain...but not as bad as dealing with register.com

So, I decided to buy get-up-edina.com. It will still be called "get up edina dot com", only with dashes in between.

So, GUE is back for the attack! FINALLY! I did all that fighting for YOU!

There may be some bugs in the site but i'm hoping to get them fixed within the next couple days or so.

Thanks for your patience. Get Up Edina is still alive.

So, the moral of the story?

* Buy all your web stuff (space & domains) yourself.
* Don't deal with register.com. They suck.
* Siteground has fantastic service (seriously, use them)
* Somethin you love is worth fighting for (as cheesy as that is)

Thanks guys! Please update your favorites to:

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[09 Nov 2006|12:11am]
Hey everyone -

Yes, late again, I know. Better late than never, right?

I've got a lot going on behind the scenes, so that's why updates are sparse!

- New merch designs coming up
- Planning DIY projects
- Buying new records to review
- Thinking up plans on redesigning the site (that may be a while!)
- Designing items for a limited edition print set
- Collaborating with people for ideas for a book (this won't be for a long time!)

The book thing is pretty top secret, but if you've been in the reggae scene for a long time and have considered it a way of life for you, PLEASE contact me. I would like to interview you and possibly take some photographs of you (or ask for some photos from you, and kindly give them back!)

That's about it for now.


Thanks ya'll. See you next month!
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I'm still alive. [04 Oct 2006|12:59am]
Hi everyone -

Exactly four months ago....that was the last update! Holy crap, that was way too long ago.

Let me apologize for my absence. I've had a lot of stuff going on that needed constant immediate attention, and I did not have a spare minute to focus on Get Up Edina. I hated it. I love working on Get Up Edina, and being away from it made me realize how much I love doing it even more.

Anyway, I did a pretty standard update this time, but I'm hoping by next month to have all sorts of new goodies for you, and just in time for the holidays, too! I have a ton of stuff designed, but I need to produce it. Just you wait! Lots of fantastic stuff coming through!

And in other news - I have joined a modern day "trend".


See, I just kinda see this as me at my turntables doing a short set while it's recorded. No sort of "pods" are involved. I hope you all enjoy this. This would be a simple, typical set as I would play between sets at a show or something like that. Plus, you don't have to fuss with downloading multiple tracks. Easy!

I will not be sending out mass emails to people when I do a podcast or anything. I find those kind of annoying. But yet, on the same plane, I will be posting on livejournal and myspace. At least it won't clog your inbox, right?

Anyway, I WILL see you next month!!!

Thanks, and don't hate me.

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[06 Jun 2006|09:58am]
There has been so much going on in the Reggae community lately, I can barely keep up!

First off, I'd like to start with the passing of Desmond Dekker. I feel like I owe so much to this man, mainly because he's pretty much the man that pointed me in the direction of this music as I started my teens. The first time I heard "007/Shantytown", I fell head over heels. Who knows, I could've gone in any musical direction, but this man made me fall madly in love with Jamaican music. From there, I dug deeper and deeper into Jamaican music. That was nearly 8 years ago. There is still a ton of music out there that I haven't heard, lots of books I haven't read, and lots that I don't know about. However, I must thank Mr. Dacres for helping me along on this musical path. Hey, getupedina.com wouldn't have it's particular name if it weren't for him! Rest in Peace, Mr. Dacres. Thanks for all that you've done for me as well as every other fan that you've touched.

Secondly, I'd like to touch on the REGGAE APOCOLYPSE SHOW!! The day I found out about this, I called just about everyone I knew...No joke! I ran out of minutes last month (ouuucch!). BUT! We're all heading out there to see the most amazing show ever put together on US soil. I think I'm gonna cry like a little baby a couple times. I'm so stupidly sentimental about music. I never thought I'd get a chance to see half of these musicians live, so this is a HUGE deal to me! Want to meet up? Need info on where to stay, what to see, where to go while you're there? Feel free to email me and I'll try my best to help you out & hook you up.

Third, I'd like to say that I AM working on merch for this site! I know I've been saying that a lot, but I've been in quite a financial squeeze these past two months and to get supplies and place orders, I have to have money! So, there you go. Want to donate to me? I won't object! All of it would go to this site anyway. Things are indeed slowing down and I'm glad I'll have more time to work on my baby and dj more often. I had my first couple hours of free time that wasn't filled up last night in nearly four months, and I spent it on Get Up Edina. You should be happy!!

Anyway, that's all that's been going on. Thanks for all your emails. No, I'm obviously not dead. I'll be back next month! See you at the Reggae Apocolypse! I'll be the girl crying her eyes out front & center.
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[03 Apr 2006|04:54pm]
Where do I start??

This last month has been extremely hectic! I've been working a lot on test patterns and muslins for sussed! Lots and lots of sewing and yelling...I'm sure my neighbors think I'm crazy. I dunno. I haven't gotten any calls yet! If you'd like to see some photos and a more in-depth take of what's going on, go here:

This includes all the on-goings of Sussed and Sussed Casual (t-shirts!)

Outside of that, I've installed a shopping cart on the store, which I think is totally exciting. I'm not that hard to get all amped up, as you can tell. This will make things a bit easier, and I'm sure it'll make people trust me a bit more, since I was just having them send money straight out. Here's hoping this helps out Get Up Edina!

Also, this month, I did 52 freakin' record reviews! AUGGH! That's what happens when you put things off for a few months and keep buying records. Never again! Check them out though, there's some great stuff in there! I also added a little logo, an "E" with a music note. I put them buy every album I think is absolutely essential.

Other than that, that pretty much sums things up! If you need anything, email. I mean anything! I like to help out as much as I can. I got like 12 emails from 12 different people this past month about hats....Seriously, I don't mind!!
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[02 Mar 2006|03:13pm]
hey everyone-

February was hardcore, I tell you what! I spent most of the month designing and re-designing and organizing the site. The site is now restructured cause it's gotten bigger and bigger and was getting hard to manage, so if there's anything broken, I'll get around to fixing it! It's hard balancing my time!

Anyway, I decided to change my get up edina email address, so if you need anything now, you can reach me at joanna@getupedina.com. Paypal orders will now go through that address as well.

There was a lot of clothing & stuff updates this month, I hope you guys like it. If you ever want to submit something you like, go ahead and shoot me a link at my new email. I'll put it up on the site, and in the little paragraph about the item, I'll put that its from you. YEAH! You get credit! Feel free to submit whatever...Playlists, clothing, home stuff, recipes, DIY projects, wallpapers, links, whatever you feel like!

There's also been a ton of talk about the next upcoming button set, mainly in the GUE myspace community. There are a lot of upcoming sets of pins, so if there's anyone you want to see, LET ME KNOW! I get shit done for YOU!!!

As of right now, with buttons, I'm taking pre-orders for WOMEN OF REGGAE II button sets. They should be finalized and ready to go about mid-march. If you pre-order, I'll let you know when your order is going out. Everyone was super happy with the first women of reggae button set, so I'm hoping I can create more happy customers! This set will also be limited to only 25 sets so reserve yours NOW!!

Also, there will be a completely overhauled line of screenprinted shirts coming out. Any artists you wanna see? Any designs? Tell me! Again, I'll take care of you!

And finally, product-wise, the line of clothing - SUSSED is in the works. So stop emailing about it! (Just kidding, I love your emails!!) I'm in the process of drafting patterns and tweaking them, making muslins and whatnot! This line of clothing has to be perfect! I just ordered the hang tags the other day, I'm super excited about that!!

Thanks for visiting this month. Every month is setting a new record as far as unique visitors go, and I couldn't do it without you guys reading & supporting the site!! It means the world to me!

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[03 Feb 2006|11:52pm]
Hi Everyone-

After quite a hectic past couple months, I finally found some time to update Get Up Edina. Work has been insane, life has been insane, and I've worked myself to the point where I usually get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. I wouldn't want it any other way, though.

This month, updates were sort of small, but I plan on working all this month to bring a lot more to you for March. I've got a lot of stuff in the works! Lots of articles that are in the works, lots of DIY projects for you to get down n dirty with, interviews, a huge stack of records to do reviews on, etc, etc, etc. It's crazy!

I appreciate everyone's email during my offtime. Yes, I'm okay. I'm not going crazy. Yes, I'm alive. No, I didn't get abducted. I'm glad you like the Scorchers I put up. No, I'm not going to stop doing the site. Yes, a line of clothing is in the works. No, there aren't any Women of Reggae pins (set I) left. Yes, a couple new sets of pins are coming out. Limited the same as the last. Yes, that is me modeling the shirts on the site. No, a dude does not run this site. No, I am not single and I won't go on an e-date with you. I think that just about answers all the questions that I've gotten in my inbox the past month. Keep 'em coming. Some of them make me scratch my head, but I love them nontheless.

Starting right now, I'm going to start doing a bit of overhauling on the website. The site itself is getting huge and kinda unmanageable. This will be quite a task.

See you in March.
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[30 Nov 2005|11:43pm]
Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving. It's just the start of the holidays, once again...

Okay, the haps:

First off, I found a boatload of neat stuff this month! I have a sort of new way of doing things, just to make it easier on people. I'm going to do a "whats new" section, so you can easily find all the new stuff. It'll also end up in the clothing sections as well. There will also be a new living section with all the neat housewarse I find....Yeah, its nerdy, but how can you resist such cute crap??

Now onto the big news-

I've decided to merge the message board with Dancing Mood, just to make things a bit more streamlined with the overall ska community. It seemed like the same people are posting on the same couple boards posting the same stuff, so we just figured, if we all join forces, there will only be ONE place to look.

Throughout this month, I'll probably be putting up record reviews here and there. I don't think I'll ever catch up with my collection...ever. Good thing I don't review 45s, cause then I'd go well over my webspace!!

The next update will be on the first day of 2006. I hope you all have a great holiday season, and thanks once again for another great year!!!


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[01 Nov 2005|01:30am]
Hi everyone!

I'm sorry to say there will not be a full update yet, because I'm in the process of moving! Things have been hectic, but its for the better, right? Anyway, I'm just going to update some clothing stuff, a playlist, and this little blog. As soon as I'm settled into my new place, I'll do a big update. I promise! I've been meaning to put up about 50 or so record reviews and some DIY stuff. But hang tight! There will be a full update soon. Also! October's traffic was the highest GUE has ever had, over 1,250 individual visitors! That's fantastic!! I hope to keep bringing people in, keep getting emails, and hopefully spread the merchandise line so you people can express your love for reggae, and I can keep running this site. All merchandise sales go to contribute the site, I do not earn anything. The sales from the recent limited edition pin sets went stashed into the savings for a screen printing press, so you guys can have shirts and probably screenprinted posters (and not at outrageous prices, I promise!) While I'm on the subject of merchandise, I want to say that the Women of Reggae button sets did FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for everyone who bought a set (or two, or three!!) I had two sets on hold, and those people haven't sent their money yet, so they are still up for grabs. JUST TWO SETS! Snatch em up soon, cause I ain't repressing these again!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you guys have a good November. I will update as soon as I'm settled in. Wish me luck!!
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[01 Oct 2005|04:25pm]
September, by far, has been the best month so far of 2005!!

Some friends and myself headed out to L.A. to see Rico Rodriguez, which was an amazing experience. Everyone out there was incredibly nice to us, great atmosphere at the show, and everyone seemed like they were having a blast. Thanks to everyone who talked to us, and told me they liked the website. Your support means the world to me!!!!

On to matters of the site, I've made a decision on where I want GUE to head this next year. It's a kinda crazy decision, but I want to persue it. What is there to lose? Look forward to professionally screenprinted shirts, embroidered patches, and quite possibly - a line of clothing designed by me for people like you! Think 60s cut suits for men and women, embroidered polos (that don't cost $60), 60's style dresses that are easy to dance in and breathe well (and flatter you, too!), and also basics like oxfords and pencil skirts. Hopefully, I'll accomplish this and make it on a grand scale!

In the meantime, while I'm saving up for equipment to start this masterplan, I've released my first set of limited edition reggae buttons. This set of 4 buttons is limited to 25 sets, and trust me, they're going FAST! I've already sold a few before I put them on the site to local friends. People that have seen the designs have already reserved their set, and at $4.75 a set (including shipping, only for the USA, extra charges will apply for international buyers) you can't go wrong! These pins are on a postcard with matching images of Phyllis Dillon, Marcia Griffiths, Patsy Todd, and Rita Marley, and are also hand numbered. These are like nothing you've ever seen before. Once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE! Get yours before they're sold out!!!

Also, take a peek at the longest DIY project I've done yet - The pattern tutorial. This breaks the intimidation factor that goes with making your own clothes from a pattern. Seriously! I tried my best to make it as simple as it can get, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me and I'll do my best to help you out!

Another GUE first this month, an interview with Jake from the SoulSteppers! He answers all my questions from his main influences to his thoughts on the current scene. Check it out in the articles section!

Well, that wraps up all the new stuff. I hope to see you next month!

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its finally september.... [31 Aug 2005|11:22pm]
Its finally september I cannot wait for it to not be 110*F here anymore.

I did all the updates in one night. I cannot believe it. I've been working like crazy, and spent half the day on the phone, but still managed to have a clear enough mind to do all this in one evening! PHEW!


First order of business: GUE MIXES
I've been playing with this idea for a while, but I finally did it! There will be fresh tracks from now on, and guess what...You're allowed to request stuff or submit an entire list! I've already got one from AJ waiting for next month. Thanks AJ! You're the best! So if you wanna hear your request on a mix, or play selecter and select your own sounds for GUE, go right ahead! I'd be more than happy to publish it!

Second order of business: RECIPES
I finally put up that recipe section! Its in the DIY section and has only a few recipes in there as of right now, mostly desserts (I know more desserts than entrees...heheh) but i'll be adding more. Again, you're more than welcome to submit! You'll get your name on anything you submit, from reviews on records or clothes, to recipes or mixes. I can't take credit for something I didn't do!

Third order of business: Featured Fashion
I was lazy and didn't do this last month, but I decided to go back to my roots of blinged out neighborhood folk and list some stuff that's customizable, engravable, and affordable. I love personlized jewelery...I'll even confess that I have a nameplate necklace I got years upon years ago that says "rudegirl" (Never mention this!)

Fourth order of business: Small clothing/accessory updates
Sorry there's only crap out there right now, folks. That's the way it goes. Who needs clothes anyway? I just got my second pair of pants, so I'm pretty glad.....

Fifth order of business: Coffee & Cigarettes: Skinhead Girl Speaks her Mind
Theresa is awesome and has submitted quite a few things, including this article that really speaks from her heart. Pure honesty, and a fun read at that! Thanks Theresa! I hope to get more articles from you, because I love the way you write so candidly!

Sixth order of business: GUE Buttons...COMING SOON!
I'm about halfway done with designing these babies, so probably by october 1st, they'll be for sale. First set will be a limited edition of 25 sets of four buttons featuring the Female Legends of Reggae. $4 total (free shipping). Got some ideas for future sets? Send an email my way! I always appreciate reading letters!

Finally...Seventh order of business: RICO!!!
A few buddies and myself are heading out to see Rico in L.A. in 17 days. Who's gonna be there? I cannot wait! We'll only be there for the weekend, but I think it'll definitely be worth it. I really try to go out of my way to see as many legends as possible, since their time is so limited. Go out and support Rico. Say hi to me and my girls. Who doesn't like reggae girls, right?

That concludes September.
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busy, busy, busy [01 Aug 2005|04:50pm]
Hey everyone,
everything is busy, busy, busy! I got laid off from my last job and managed to find a new fantastic job just in time, within a week of finding out they were closing my department. I truely am lucky! I now work for a travel agency that is aimed towards women that want to take vacations without their family, but not alone! Its fantastic!

Anyway, in site news, unfortunately, I did not have as much time to work on the site this much as I wanted, just due to all that work related junk. I did however, put up three new articles, a new wallpaper (its kinda cheesy, I think..), a few things in the clothing/accessories categories for everyone, and two things in the DIY section!

I would like to put up a recipes section soon, as well as a monthly mix, where I'll upload a selection of songs that you can download and make mixes from. Does that sound cool? I have so many plans for this site, but so little time to do them in! I have a load of ideas for DIY projects and articles, its just having time to put everything together! Also, I have a bunch of reviews I need to put up, and by the way, thanks to Twig Django and Theresa for submitting stuff this month! I'll have it up in a bit!!

In my local news, our weekly DJ night, PRESSURE DROP is gaining popularity! Last week, we had the most we ever had! It was such a treat, and I was truely lucky to be spinning at the height of it all. Its such a great atmosphere....booze, cigars, dancing, and great Jamaican music. What else could a girl want?

If you're coming through Phoenix or the metro area, a good place to check for information (and photos of us nerds) check the new Myspace group!


also, check the new GET UP EDINA group on myspace. Yes, I've taken it that far. Gotta get the word out, right?


Well everyone, if you need anything or would like to submit anything, you know how to get ahold of me.
Take care!
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[18 Jul 2005|05:43pm]
Hi everyone. I hate to be putting more ebay junk up....but I'm just trying to get rid of some nice stuff for really cheap..

Also, I want to thank anyone in here who bid or looked at my auctions last week. I pulled in a nice $168! That has helped me out immensely, and now I can eat. YAY EATING!!!!


Vintage Sailor Skirt, handmade by yours truely!
Two Ska/Reggae shirts, Dr. Ring Ding and The Harder they Come
Vintage Soccer Hooligan Shirt, FOR GIRLS!
Bulldog Brand Workpants, Like sta-prest or dickies
ADORABLE pinstriped skirt, perfect for Rudie Girls and Skin Byrds
Vintage tweed pencil skirt, black with aqua threading
Vintage Grey Swing Dress

Thanks for reading and looking everyone, I really appreciate it!!
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a quickie.... [14 Jul 2005|04:07pm]
Hi everyone, Quick update!
I decided I did not like the old blog, so I switched over to the much-easier-to-use-and-customize Livejournal. Its free and lots of people have it. Why didn't I think of that earlier? durrr...

Anyway, lots of changes have been occuring in my personal life, and I just found out this week that my company is closing my department and I'm getting laid off. As I search for another job, I'm selling off some of my very nice, very well taken care of clothing on ebay. Well, at least I'll have more room in my closet, right? Here are some links:



to A Ben Sherman Tonic Button Up

Aqua Short Sleeved Sweater
Banana Republic Mod Cut Button Up
"Rudie Girl" styled Capris
100% Cashmere Vintage Cardigan
Black and Red Swing Dress
Deadstock Vintage Green Button Up
Vintage V Neck Sweater
Sleeveless Polka Dot Pencil Dress
2 Toned Sweater Vest
TUK Mary Jane Flats
VERY HIGH wedge heels
Black Spectator Heels

Also, I would like to thank everyone whom is buying shirts from me, as well as offering me freelance design work, every bit helps!
Thanks everyone!!!
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[01 Jul 2005|03:33pm]
Get Up Edina! seems to constantly be changing, and with it's entire new layout, I've had a lot of ideas of where I would like this little webzine to go. It seems like there are not enough hours in the day to do what I want to with the site! However, I've decided to do a blog of ideas I have, things that go on in my local ska/reggae community, photos, artwork, and anything that I find relates to this site. So, you can think of this as a really scattered brainstorm of mine! Anything that really doesn't fit into the other categories will go in here! I don't want this to be like other blogs that people have on their sites that is just "blah blah blah, I think I am SOOO interesting", I just want this to be random news and stuff I think that you may find interesting as well!
So, now that that is out of the way, I'd like to tell everyone about what's been going on musically here in the Valley. This past month has seen more fantastic music related events than the Valley has seen in well over 5 or 6 years! Just in the third week of June I saw some fantastic acts! Westbound Train, The Slackers, Toots and the Maytals...I know some of you think that is nothing, but in the musically deprived Valley, its a lot! Part of me feels like things here are starting to fire back up again, and its an amazing feeling. We are having weekly DJ events where everyone is welcome to spin and bring their own records. Its fantastic! Everyone gets all liquored up and has a good time. If you are passing through the Valley, or you live here and want to come show your support, come on out! Its free! Everyone talks to everyone and it is just a great time.

See? Toots wants you to go to Pressure Drop!

In other news, I hope everyone likes the new layout. I've thought long and hard about it, and more than likely, it will change in the future. I like things to be new and fresh, and I thought the old layout was getting sort of stale. I'm always wanting your feedback, so feel free to drop me a line or comment on here, its just easier. I'm trying my hardest to publish what I think you want to read on here, so I always appreciate feedback. After all, this site would be pointless without and audience!
Until Next time.....
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Record Boxes [14 Jun 2005|05:35pm]


Gather materials: An old LP sleeve, Xacto Knife (or scissors will do),
Ruler, Clothes pins, and Very strong glue.



Cut sleeve into separate sides, so both front and back are free pieces.
Right now would also be a good time to trim off excess and jagged edges,
so your box looks nicer and measurements are more precise.


Measure 2 Inches off every edge of the front part of
the LP sleeve. Make sure that each edge is 2 inches, because you don't
want your box to be crooked!

NOTE: I dashed the lines in this diagram because you will be cutting
on them, these will be your tabs in which you'll put glue on a few steps


This is one of the most tricky steps-You'll want to put the edge of your
ruler onto the lines in which you just created. Fold up gently, especially
if it is an older record sleeve (they're more prone to "flaking").
Do this on all four lines. This will create the edges and sides to your


Cut along the dashed lines to create the tabs. Fold upward like in photo.


On the front (where the image is) on each tab, put a few dabs of the
strong glue and press the longer side to each tab. Then, clip your clothespins
on the edges above the tabs to hold the box together until it sets up.


When you've got all the tabs and sides glued together, your own box should
look like the one pictured.


For the bottom of the box, follow steps three through seven, except while
measuring in, measure in 2 5/8" instead. It needs
to be smaller so it can fit inside the top!


Your glue should be allowed to set up over night or so, so its nice and
strong. There's also many extras you can do to this box, such as put a
coat of polyurethane on it, to give it a nice glossy coat (like in the
photo, but beware, older LP covers tend to be more porous, and absorb
the liquid and become spotty!) Or even line it with some vintage fabric
you've saved but never use for anything else. Just use the same cutting
directions as above, and glue in with tacky glue and trim off excess when
dry. Enjoy!

© 2006 Get Up Edina! All Rights Reserved.

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[14 Jan 2005|05:21pm]



Download and install Audacity.
Then, download and install LAME.

You'll need to move the LAME.dll file into the audacity folder
to export projects into .mp3's once you actually get to the recording
part. Think you got it down? Good! No? Here's
some general help for Audacity


Onto the hardware! You'll need an RCA to a 1/8" wire.
You can find this at RadioShack or similar stores. Once you get that,
you'll hook the RCA end into the output of your mixer (See the photo with
the empty output box?)

With the 1/8" end, you're going to stick that into your mic input
on your computer. On my computer, it's the pink area, as you can see in
the picture. Everything should be fully connected now!


Find the Volume Control on your computer, and select mute
all. If you don't, this will interfere with your recording, and you'll
get all the extra event sounds.

Open audacity. As soon as you hit record, a new audio track
will show up (the bar with all the blue in it). If you're fully connected,
you should see something like the picture to the left. If you're just
getting a straight line, you're not properly connected. Check to make
sure your mixer is on the right channel you're trying to record off of!

You may want to do some tests as to what sounds good. What
sounds good off of a soundsystem will NOT sound good for a recording.
You'll want to mess with the settings on both channels, and even the line
if you're using that. I've marked where the proper settings are on my
mixer to make it easy in the future.


When you're pleased with how it sounds from your computer,
and you want to save it as an MP3, you'll go to "Project" on
the menu bar, and select "Edit ID3 tags". Input the title of
the song or podcast, the artist, and any other fields you think are necessary.

Then from the File menu, select "export as MP3...".
This will prompt you to name the file. Name the file, and hit save. It'll
convert it within a few seconds (or longer if it's a full podcast).


If you have an account through PodOMatic (which is what
I use), you have the choice to upload a file. Choose a title, tags, and
comments, if you choose. Toward the bottom of the page, you'll see the
area to upload your track. Browse and find where it's located. Click upload,
and you're set!

Uploading make take some time. Once it's all ready, select
"post episode".

Congratulations! You just made your first podcast!

The more you advance with Audacity, you'll see that you can easily
select an area and delete or add to it. It's quite easy to use! The
more you use it, the more you learn, and the easier things will become.
It just takes practice like everything else.

I really have to give props to Agent76
for helping me out with all my questions. Without him, I would have
no clue on where to start with these new fangled podcast things!!

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